drawn memory

this is the last picture of pete p. before he suddenly exploded.
taken by an observation camera at his office ( installed for insurance matters of course ).

pete was only one more overtime hour away from the amount of hours that equal a one-year-holyday, which he planned on spending in the caribbean.In the last 30 years, he had been saving half of each month’s pay-off for this purpose.

the picture in question captures the instant in which pete discovers that the account-system of his company crashed down. thus all data is lost including his 8.760 overtime hours.

eye witnesses reported that he detonated at his desk and was torn into thousands of pieces.

the cleaning lady had to put in a double shift to make pete’s desk ready for his surrogate.



however, pete has left us with one mysterious question: how is it possible that a human body burst apart without explosives?

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