hungry bobble


art, diy,

Recently i noticed how bobble caps have become very popular this winter, even the boss of my company has one. as i started to wonder, what exactly makes people wear hats that make them look like large children, i suddenly found myself creating my very own bobble {its pretty easy}. It was not a real decision, but the complying with a command of some unconscious sort. By the time i accomplished my bobble-making-task it was perfectly clear that i was following the instructions of the bobble itself. But at that point it was much to late, for the bobble had already developed a mouth full of teeth on its own and was whispering: “attach me to your head, i am hungry. Need yummy brains, immediately !”
And so i did. Hence what can i say, i stopped to wonder, i started to wear and look like anyone else in this city brainless and bobbled.


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